Arrival At Nanny Cay

We arrived at Nanny Cay on April 17, 2011.  Moonshadow was torn apart just like we left her.  We moved things around and made it so we have a place to sleep.  The paint job and deck refit looks great.  We decide to go to the Beach Bar for some drinks and pizza.  We knew it was going to be a long day the next day. 

For the next couple of days we worked our butts off.  I borrowed a 15 gallon shop vac from Anne on Karina.  My little vacuum would have taken forever to clean everything up.  Paul started on washing the topside of the boat getting all the fiberglass shaving off.  By Sunday we had the boat in good working order.  I got to return the shop vac.  We planned to go to the full moon party at the Bamba Shack that night.  So we went to the security shack and waited for a ride.  We waited for 50 minutes and our ride still wasn't there.  So, we decided to go back to the beach bar.  The security guard came around about 45 minutes later & told us our ride showed up 10 minutes after we left.  Got to love island time!

Returning to the Bay

Glad you two are back on board.When do you expect to head out for Bermuda & then back to the Bay? Hope you have fair winds 7 smooth seas all the way back. The new paint job looks great Fred

Greetings from Tir Nan Og

Hi Guys Sorry that we missed you in the BVI's last week (I did make VHF contact with another boat named Moonshadow, too funny). Let us know your radio briefing frequency and schedule and we will listen in and try to hail you on the SSB when we are on the boat. Safe voyage and see you soon. Drew

Your boat looks great!

Your boat looks great! Enjoy, we'll be watching.