Working Hard Getting Ready To Leave

It is Thursday April 28, 2011.  It was a rough morning!  But, we got our day going.  Andrew worked on communications.  Paul and Dan worked on getting the boat ready for sea.  I worked on provisioning and made a pot of chili  to freeze for 2 dinner evenings.  I also worked on getting the cabin ready for sea.  We also figured out our deck prism were leaking after all the deck was done.  Miles pulled the prism and re bedded them.  That evening there was a social hour and dinner with the rally.  We got to see some new and old faces.  The next day was more work.  The guys pulled forward with Moonshadow. I blogged, did laundry, and much more.  We went to Mulligan's for burgers that evening.  They have an awesome burger called the mullie.  It has pineapple slices on it.  Paul and I retired early that evening.