Day 14 Atlantic Cup 2011

The storms finally stopped around 5:30 am.  We were in them for about 8 and half hours.  The wind was blowing 10 to 15 knots out of the south east.  We were in the gulf stream as well.  The current was pushing us ahead with a 2 knot current.  So, we were going 7 knots on 2200 RPM's.  I warmed up sticky buns for breakfast.  Around 9:00 am we put the genoa out, killed the engine, and was going 7.7 knots.  We put the fishing line out.  Everyone is tried and is trying to catch up on some sleep.  I saw 12 sport fishing vessels this morning and we have been seeing tankers and cruise ships too.  A storm has been building since 2:30 pm.  We pulled the genoa in and turned the motor on.  We were able to dodge the storm.  We are about 36 miles off of Cape Hatteras.  We were sailing about 8 knots.  As the evening went on, there was another storm creeping up on us.  More lightening!  Andrew and I decided to drop below the storm that was building quickly.  So all sails went away and the motor went on.  In the processes, we got a little confused on which direction we were going.  It took a little bit but, we got back on course.  We managed to get between the 2 storms.  We totally missed the first storm and manage to catch the tail end of the second one.  We are now making our way out of the gulf stream and heading to Hampton.